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West Island Location

Please note: Weeks 1-7 will take place at John Abbott College, Ste. Anne de Bellevue.

Please note: Weekly discounts do not apply to ‘Captains’ or ‘Specialty Weeks’ which have limited space!

Please note: We have very exciting SPECIAL GUESTS for both Ice Hockey weeks!

Government Credit for Camp Fees

We provide all SportLife families with RL-24 tax receipts in February, as long as your SIN is provided on the registration form.

Did you know that the QC Government can credit you up to 70% of your camp fees?

The Quebec government will credit you:

70% -> if your household incomes is between $43,635 – $104,170

67% -> if your household income is greater than $104,170

Please Note: These are estimates only.

Did you know that the FED Government can save you between 10-25% in taxes?

The % is based on the spouse that has the lower earned income. 

*Prospects Age 5-6 Multi-Sport 7 Week Promo*


The Prospect (5-6) program was such a big hit, that we decided to make it EVEN BETTER!

This Summer, SportLife athletes will get to enjoy not one but TWO sports per week; a MAJOR sport, and a MINOR sport!

Each morning, the coaches will focus on teaching one sport, and in the afternoon, the focus will shift to a 2nd sport!

Some of our classic favourites will be returning, such as: Soccer, Ball Hockey, Basketball, Flag Football and Tee-Ball.

We are extremely excited to once again offer unique minor sports, such as: Bubble Soccer, Soccer Baseball, Mini-Stick Hockey and Futsal Soccer!

Take advantage of this SPECIAL PROMOTION, before it’s too late!


Mini-Stick Hockey – Fun variation of hockey in which MINI teams use MINI sticks to score a MINI ball into the opponent’s MINI net!
Futsal Soccer – Fast-paced version of indoor soccer, played on a smaller field, with more opportunity for goal scoring!
Soccer Baseball – Also known as Kickball, Soccer Baseball is a combination of both Soccer and Baseball!
Bubble Soccer – A crowd favourite! A version of Soccer played in gigantic bubbles where anything goes!

Our ‘5 Star’ Camp Testimonials

Our ‘Big Brothers & Big Sisters of West Island’ Rates

What’s New!

Captains Program (Age 15-16)

This unique program will allow our 15-16 year old campers to gain valuable, hands-on experience in a mentorship role! Our focus will be to teach our Captains how to be an amazing SportLife coach and an exceptional role model to younger campers. Our Captains will gain confidence and skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and conflict resolution.

At the same time, Our Captains will have the time of their life, as they get to take part in their own SportLife Experience! Some activities include:

  • Skills training in a sport of their choosing
  • Preparing practice plans & skills competitions
  • Drafting teams and hyping up the campers
  • and so much more!

Our Captains will also be provided with an evaluation report of their performance by their mentor. While no paid jobs are guaranteed, this program will give them the tools and experience needed to apply for a summer camp position!

New Program Age Splits 

We are so excited about our brand new age group splits! We are providing an inclusive environment by having more balance between all our programs. This will allow campers to feel at ease, knowing they will always be participating with their age group and skill level!

  • PROSPECTS: Age 5-6 (Non-Competitive)
  • ROOKIES: Age 7-9 (Semi-Competitive)
  • SOPHOMORES: Age 10-11 (Semi-Competitive)
  • VETS: Age 12-14 (Healthy Competition)

For more information about our different programs, please visit our Activity Schedule page.

 Ice Hockey Week 8 and Week 9


Players and goalies will receive up to 15 hours of ice-time over the course of the week!

The NHL and World Junior Format will include: team practices, skills competitions, regular season games, and of course the championship playoffs!

The hockey camps will take place at the beautiful Pierrefonds Sportsplexe (4 Glaces)!

What makes SportLife’s ice hockey program stand out, besides meeting NHL stars and capturing an authentic pro athlete experience? It’s our INCLUSIVITY!

Players and goalies of all abilities and levels are welcome. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the game, or a more competitive player trying to reach the next level, look no further.

Our carefully designed program fits players who have a passion for hockey, regardless of their caliber!

Here is how we evaluate and break down the levels:
🥅Prospects ->Pre-Novice or beginners
🥅Rookies -> U9-4 to U11-A
🥅Sophomores -> U11-BB to U13-A
🥅Vets -> U13BB to U15 AA
Within each group, the coaches will match up the lines.
For example, in the Rookies:
🏒Line 1 – U9-4 to U9-3
🏒Line 2 – U9-2 to U9-1
🏒Line 3 – U11-B to U11-A
Shifts are timed for a 2 minute duration, so that players are ALWAYS playing with and against a similar level!





 NCAA Basketball and Football 


16 teams will compete in the famous NCAA March Madness Tournament!

Games will be 3 on 3, in the most exciting and fast-paced format to date! This basketball experience will allow more players to get involved and be a part of the action!

Don’t miss this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME basketball experience!


We are bringing the College Atmosphere to SportLife!

From Marching Bands to Tailgate Parties, College Football week will have it all!

This week will be the most authentic College Football experience, and is a MUST EXPERIENCE for all Football lovers!

The Facilities – Where the Magic Takes Place!

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