Prospects (Age 5-6)

Rookies (Age 7-9)

Sophomores (Age 10-11)

Vets  (Age 12-14)
Healthy Competition

Captains (Age 15-16)
Mentorship Program

Player Combine/Training Camp/Coach Scouting

Players will take part in various skill-developing drills, with each drill focusing on a unique set of skills. Each coach will be responsible to demonstrate and teach the athletes the proper technique to craft that particular skill.

This is a great chance for our athletes to put their skills on display, as the coaches will be “scouting” their performance, and taking detailed notes of each athlete in preparation for the draft later that day!

Skills Competition

The skills competition gives our SportLife athletes the chance to showcase their skills in a fun manner. There will be three skills competition periods throughout the week, and each one will be focused on one particular skill, allowing the athlete to master one skill at a time.

These competitions will keep our young athletes engaged and excited, as the winners will receive meaningful prizes for their team.

Red Carpet Draft

The draft will be nearly identical to what is experienced in professional sports, because draft day is one of the most special days in a young athlete’s life. We ensure that everyone will be included in our specifically designed live draft!

All our athletes will get the opportunity to see their name on the big draft board. Each player will get called up to the podium, take a picture with their coach and get the ultimate draft experience! Lights, Cameras & Action make this the best way to kick off a week at SportLife!

Coach / Captain’s Corner

This segment of the week is a team bonding experience, allowing the players to become a more cohesive group. Coaches will run practices throughout the week to allow the team to work together and build chemistry in a fun and productive way.

Coaches will go over game strategy and will develop the athlete’s intuitive understanding of the game. NEW: Our Captains will be leading their own Captain’s Corner, where they will be planning & executing  an activity with a younger SportLife team!

Regular Season

At SportLife, we ensure that the game experience is as realistic as possible for our young stars. Our well-coached athletes will get to square off against other teams, with each game having playoff implications. Coaches will be in charge of implementing game strategy taught in practice.

Some exciting features include:

  • Video Highlights
  • Performance and Sportsmanship Statistics
  • ’3 Star’ Selections
  • Player Interviews and much more!

Pie in the Face

An iconic period every week – the players of the last place team get to pie their coach with whipped cream at the conclusion of the regular season!


Dedicated time for our Prospects to learn the ins and outs of their sport(s) of the week. Learning the basic skills, rules, and fundamentals from their coaches, our youngest athletes also get to learn the essentials of teamwork in a sports setting. Engaging skill-development activities help our Prospects get game ready!

Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank is a thrilling individual skills competition, where the winner will be crowned, Mr. Money in the Bank, and will earn the SportLife ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase.

Campers compete in fun skill challenges with the goal of winning one of three Money in the Bank briefcases! Each briefcase contains a different contract for the winner. The contracts let the athletes either change teams, bring someone to their team, or use a mystery advantage. One of the many ways we keep things exciting in a SportLife Season!

Athlete’s Pick

Since much of the focus is on the sport of the week, we have a couple of  periods each week where athletes will get to play a different sport of their choosing. This gives them an opportunity to try something new and to get to know other staff members and athletes.

We will offer various sport options throughout the summer, including but not limited to: tennis, soccer baseball, handball, kin-ball, dodgeball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, wiffle ball, floor hockey, soccer, football, basketball and much more!

Golden Games

High-stakes games to close out the regular season; where you lose points in a loss and gain extra points in a win before the standings are finalized. The Golden Games allow all teams to have a chance to move up the standings before the playoffs.

Trade Rumors/TradeCentre/Trade Deadline

Trade Rumors will be posted at the end of each day. Whether true or not, these rumors will only be confirmed the following morning, leaving the players in anticipation for the following day at SportLife.

In addition, every Thursday we have a trade deadline, where ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! This is a highly anticipated event where various blockbuster trades may or may not occur. This is one of the most exciting parts of the entire week.

All-Star Weekend

We also have our all-star festivities, where our athletes get to take part in our thrilling version of the “All-Star Break” in the middle of the week.

Our athletes will get to experience all of the thrills of All-Star Weekend, including player introductions, skills challenges and of course, an All-Star Game!

Free Swim

Free swim will take place each week at the beautiful Baie d’Urfe Aquatic Club, off campus. This is a great opportunity for our pro athletes to refresh themselves, by going swimming outdoors in the sun!

The Baie d’Urfe Aquatic Club has a stunning large pool for children aged 6+, as well as a kiddie pool for children aged 5. The pool will be supervised by lifeguards as well as our staff members at all times.

Free Agent Frenzy

This exciting new period will cause even more suspense and anticipation for our athletes! Each week, at least one player will be selected by the Commissioner to become a free agent, and will be dropped from his team.

Coaches can take a gamble and claim the player off waivers, but the player will only be revealed to the coach after he/she is claimed!

Battle for the Cup

Battle for the Cup is the most anticipated part of the week. This is our version of the championship playoffs, after teams have positioned themselves according to their regular season performance. The winning team will get the opportunity to hoist the brand new SportLife Cup!

We truly capture the enthusiasm and energy for this event, by putting together a championship-like atmosphere, from player introductions, fog machines, spot lights,  national anthems, stadium music, play by play announcers, and much more!

Award Ceremony & MediaCentre

This segment of the week is the perfect way to finish off an incredible week at SportLife! Parents are invited and encouraged to take part in our Friday afternoon Award Ceremony / MediaCentre segment, to get a sense of what happened over the past five days. During the award ceremonies, we announce our championship winners and give our champions the opportunity to hoist the SportLife cup and pose for a team picture with their squad. We also hand out certificates to players based on their performance, sportsmanship and skill development throughout the week. All coaches will have short speeches prepared about their team as well.

Furthermore, we showcase a ten minute video segment of the week’s top sports highlights as well as player interviews that occurred throughout the week. It’s every player’s dream to capture their amazing goal, or game-winning shot on tape, so we are proud to showcase our SportLife athletes’ top plays and make their every dream come true! All of these videos will also be available for your viewing pleasure on our website, as well as other multimedia.