Ball Hockey Pick-Up Games

Adult and Youth

Location & Dates


Le Club Dome
3000 Edmond
Kirkland, QC
H9H 5J5


Pick-up games take place Saturdays and Sundays, beginning on January 9-10.

– Saturday 7pm-8pm – Youth
– Saturday 8pm-9pm – Adult
– Sunday 2pm-3pm – Youth
– Sunday 3pm-4pm – Adult 

Format & Features


– Three 15 minute periods running time
– Clean pinnies will be provided to each team
– Teams will be chosen at random prior to starting
– 10 players and 1 goalie per team
– Clean goalie equipment will be provided, if needed
– Age Groupings: 30+ (ADULT), 18-30 (ADULT), 11-14 (YOUTH), 7-10 (YOUTH)


– Video highlights of each game will be provided within 24 hours
– The referee will be in charge of video highlights, as well as scorekeeping.
– Music will be played throughout the game

COVID-19 Protocols

How to Register & Pay

– Send a $25 e-transfer (per session) to, with the following information in the bank description:

  1. Participant’s Full Name

  2. Participant’s Age

  3. Position (Player or Goalie)

  4. Date and Time

– We will then confirm receipt, and if there is still space available.
– E-transfers should be submitted 48 hours in advance.