Player Combine

Players will take part in various skill-developing drills, with each drill focusing on a unique set of skills. Each coach will be responsible to demonstrate and teach the athletes the proper technique to craft that particular skill.

This is a great chance for our athletes to put their skills on display, as the coaches will be “scouting” their performance, and taking detailed notes of each athlete in preparation for the draft later that day!

Skills Comp

The skills competition gives our SportLife athletes the chance to showcase their skills in a fun manner. There will be three skills competition periods throughout the week, and each one will be focused on one particular skill, allowing the athlete to master one skill at a time.

These competitions will keep our young athletes engaged and excited, as the winners will receive meaningful prizes for their team.

Every Monday, the players AND the coaches will participate in the skills competition.


Money In The Bank

Money in the Bank is a thrilling individual skills competition, where the winner will be crowned, Mr. Money in the Bank, and will earn the SportLife ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase.

This gold briefcase contains a contract which the athlete can cash in at any time, to be traded to a team of his/her choosing, before the trade deadline! This thrilling new period will add drama and suspense to an already exhilarating week!

Regular Season

At SportLife, we ensure that the game experience is as realistic as possible for our young stars. Our well-coached athletes will get to square off against other teams, with each game having playoff implications. Coaches will be in charge of implementing game strategy taught in practice.

Some exciting features include:

  • Video Highlights
  • Performance and Sportsmanship Statistics
  • ’3 Star’ Selections
  • Player Interviews and much more!