From Jori (Mother)

“Just wanted to thank you and all the counsellors for a great summer. This summer was the most fun Justin has had in camp. If he could of, he would of gone the whole summer!! Your counsellors were unbelievable with the boys!! Justin loved every week! It’s too bad the summer is almost over and camp is finished but we look forward to next year at SportLife. I will recommend the camp to everyone!!”

From Sarah (Mother)

“Evan. Thank you so much for the video! We just watched it together and it was great to see some of the parts that we missed. We can honestly say that the party, thanks to you and the coaches, went amazing and we were really blown away with your team. Without a doubt the best party we ever planned for either one of our kids. We will definitely spread the word and use your services again. Cory will never forget this one that is for sure. Have a great day Mr. SportLife!”

From Lori (Mother)

“We can not thank you all enough for Dillon’s experience at SportLife. He was almost in tears when he realized it was his last week at day camp. He feels like you guys are part of his family and is so very comfortable with all of you. It has been once again a fantastic summer for him and it is all due to you guys. The award in his name brought me to tears, honestly just such a wonderful thing you did. He still has it on our fridge and was so absolutely honoured!!! Not to mention presenting the award on Friday. He was thrilled. If ever you need a reference, a review anything at all, please know we are here anytime, any day. You could not get a better review from me or my husband. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You guys are truly making a difference in children’s lives, as you sure have in Dillon’s. Btw Dillon is even talking about becoming a “CIT” in the coming years. We will probably be calling you in November for Dillon’s birthday party, he has already been planning it to be with you guys. Till next summer! Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

From Eva (Full-time working single mother)

“I am so grateful for this amazing initiative! Without SportLife, my son would not have had the chance to attend a sports camp this year. He is very motivated by the coaches and enjoys the facilities and the environment at MacDonald Campus. My heartfelt thanks to SportLife and Big Brothers Big Sisters for making this happen.”

From Sandra (Mother)

“Our son will be attending the whole 8 weeks of the camp!! He knows Evan Horner from being his monitor in a previous summer camp and he likes him very much. I am sure he will have great time and he is looking forward to it!!”

From Julie (Step-mother of 2 boys)

“Thank you for all that you and your staff do for the kids! The newspaper, videos, pictures, award ceremony etc are absolutely amazing! Everything is well organized and the boys are having a great time! The boys said that SportLife summer camp is the best camp ever!!!!!”

From Nicolas (14 year old camper)

“Great camp! Really enjoyed it. The volunteers are nice, so is the coaching staff. An all-around great camp for kids and teens that are looking for friends as well as playing their favourite sport.”

From Itsik (Father of 3 boys)

“They love SportLife! I truly see that their confidence level has been improved so much! We played Basketball and Soccer over the weekend, and it’s amazing to see their development. Thank you!”

From Merwie (Mother)

“The night before his first day of camp, my son begged, ‘Promise me I won’t have to keep going if I don’t like it.’ He trudged off the next morning with worry etched on his face, but when I picked him up he was all smiles. The first thing he said when he got in the car was, ‘Can I go to SportLife for more than just one week?’ By Friday he still loved it – and yes, he did go for another week.”

From Cathy (Mother)

“Very impressed that there was always an adult to greet and stay with campers during drop off and pick up. They were always courteous and polite! By the end of the day when I picked up Andrew, he was happy and tired! This camp is great for kids that want to learn a sport and for kids that have a lot of energy to burn! Thank you so much for giving Andrew a chance to participate in SportLife camp!”

From Lisa (Mother)

“Thank you so much for the video–Charlie has yet to see it but the entire experience with you was top notch.  This will be an incredible memory for Charlie!  If anyone ever asks you for a reference I am happy to serve as one :). You run a fantastic organization!”

From Andrew (13 year old Camper)

“At SportLife, there are a variety of people close to your age, so every day I went there I had fun. You get to play sports for almost the entire day and learn some skills to help you play better. They teach you sportsmanship and participation, but most of all they ensure that everyone has a good time over at SportLife.”

From Melanie (Mother)

“Our kid had an amazing time this summer at SportLife! He woke up excited everyday about the day to come. Our mind was at peace with the staff working real hard to make this camp unforgettable. Evan is a responsible young man and was always available to respond quickly to our needs despite his busy schedule! Thank you for a great summer!!!”

From Andrea (Mother)

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful birthday party for Noah!! It was beyond our expectations. The boys had lots of fun! Great birthday video too! Thank you so much. We were very happy with how everything turned out. You have a great team and you did a wonderful job with the kids. Not easy to manage 24 7 year old boys!”

From Eric (Father)

“Thank you again for the event yesterday. By far , the best bday I have ever attended. Well, kid’s bday that is. :). And then you out did yourself with the video. We all loved it. An awesome momento of an awesome event. Thank you so very much.”

From Sophie (Mother)

“Thank you very much!!!!! Gabriel has the best birthday ever!!!!! You and your team are unbelievable! I’ve seen a lot of parties, and you guys are at a completely different level from everyone else!”

From Samara (Mother)

“I also want to thank you and your staff for making Tristan’s first week in summer camp a memorable one. You made him feel like he was part of a team from the minute he got there.  He has really enjoyed his week and he got to really experience the life of a pro athlete (even though for just a couple of days) :). You guys rock! Thanks again!”

From Tony (Father)

“Evan, I must say that this camp was extremely well run. You guys all did a wonderful job. My son just loved it. I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how he would rank it and he said a 10. Today’s ceremony was also something that many kids and some parents that attended will have good memories of. Let your staff know how well they did. Again great work keep it up and see you next week.”

From Jess (Mother)

“Hi Evan, LOVE the video! Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to any parent having a birthday party at Ke’Launi’s school or is looking for extra curricular activities during school breaks. You guys were absolutely amazing! Good luck and thank you once again! You will definitely be seeing us in the near future.”

From Evelyn (Mother)

“Hi Evan. Thank you so much for the amazing video! Sean can’t stop talking about how fun his birthday was!! They really had a blast last Friday. You guys made the birthday party, I will definitely recommend SportLife to my friends. Although my boys don’t play soccer, they had so much fun last Friday & they are thinking of soccer camp this summer. Thank you again & Happy Holidays!”

From James (Father)

“Hello Evan. This video is fantastic! I showed it to my son & daughter and they loved it! Big smiles….It is a great piece of memories for my kids to watch in the future. Your team gave the kids a wonderful experience. Please add me to your email/mailing list and will get back to you shortly for my daughter’s birthday in Feb 2016.”

From Nikki (Mother)

“Hi Evan. Thank you very much!!! This video will make for a great souvenir. You guys are fantastic!!! We’ll definitely talk about the great work you guys do to other parents.”

From Luciana (Mother)

“Thanks for the amazing week. Enzo really loved it.”

From Melanie (Mother)

“Evan, simply wanted to take the time to thank you for giving Matty the opportunity to participate in this week’s camp! He had a blast and was eager to get up every morning to get on the ice!”

From Joanna (Mother)

“Hi Evan! Thank you so much for the video it was great! You did a great job and thanks again for making Alex’s party such a success . He had an awesome time with his friends.  Take care and I look forward to planning more bday’s with SportLife! !”

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