Our Staff

Our Staff

Our program has motivated and experienced coaches, guaranteeing that your child will get the individual attention that they deserve! Our energetic and enthusiastic coaches will focus on building team chemistry, teaching positive attitude and instructing strategic thinking, in a healthy and secure environment. We reinforce the importance of fairness, cooperation and respect, and our staff will lead by example. More importantly, our bilingual staff will put child safety above everything else. Safety and security of your child is the top priority of our CPR certified team!

Our AWESOME Coaches are: IMG_0283

  • Experienced & Motivated
  • Excellent Communicators & Teachers
  • Energetic & Enthusiastic
  • Gifted Athletes with a Strong Athletic Background
  • Focused on Building Team Chemistry
  • Instructing Strategic Thinking
  • Developing Player Skills 
  • Teaching Positive Attitude
  • CPR Certified
  • Bilingual
  • Fully Trained!

SportLife places A LOT of emphasis on hiring SUPERIOR coaches. A 1:5 ratio allows each athlete to get the individual attention they deserve! This ratio enables coaches to develop each athlete’s skills and strategic understanding of the game.

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