The Program

The Program

Is your child the ultimate sports lover? If so, then SportLife is perfect for him/her!

SportLife is a Montreal-based team sports programwhere each week represents the span of an entire season, in a particular sport. The sports we specialize in include: soccer, ice hockey, ball hockey, football, basketball, softball and lacrosse. Our athletes get to experience live drafts, preseason and regular season, playoffs, skills competitions, “All-Star Weekend”, team-building practices, training camp, blockbuster trades, player interviews, video highlights, stats, standings and much, much more!

All of these features can be seen on our multimedia-based and user-friendly website.

We reward those who not only excel in performance, but we especially emphasize sportsmanship and positive attitude. Those who strive for and achieve ALL-AROUND excellence have the opportunity to end up in our ‘Hall of Fame’, where athletes get recognized for their outstanding achievement. Athletes also get acknowledged for breaking sport-related records.

SportLife is designed to build social skills, confidence and self-esteem by exposing athletes to healthy competition. We strongly encourage active participation in all our activities to get the most out of the experience.

This is the only sporting experience that offers this type of format, and we promise that every week is unique, so that your child will experience something new every time they come. This promises to be the most exhilarating and engaging sporting opportunity for them!

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Come join us and live the SportLife experience!

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